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Today we lived to a alternative application on your smartphone. What are we talking about? Our QuietHacking team would like to introduce you a modern application – Clash of Clans Hack and greatly produce Clash of Clans Cheat. Firstly a few words about the game itself. It is a social game with elements of economics and strategy. Assumption of the game is accessible, you need to become a leader in the village to protect it against invasions of other players and lead exoteric raids. It’s imperative to earn valuable resources and better ranking. Although the game is quite accessible, only a few types of buildings and a few defensive units to attack, we assure this simplicity makes the game fun and comfortable. In bargain, however, we find out how much of the strategy and the formation of our village may be arranged.

Another pretty make feature in the game Clash of Clans is the ability to connect to a clans where you can exchange valuable news and climb up the rankings as a team. For someone who has leadership skills, assumption own clan is not a problem. In general, the rules are perfectly balanced, the purchase of raw materials does not pledge a win and the transition game is possible without spending real money. The development of our village is saved in the cloud, so you make not have to save the game manually. It is worth to mention the build tutorial at the beginning of the game, which will hand over us popular game for the future. The game requires a little patience, if you don’t need to adapt a micro payment, however without the cash method, it brings more fun and satisfaction.

Therefore, our team presents you app Clash of Clans Cheats which allows you to add to your game account free resources, Gold, Gems and Elixir. In addition, you could also enable options such as Shield, Double XP and block annoying ads. Of course the application is pretty facile to adapt. It is available on the PC version which requires connecting your phone to your computer, as well as versions simply dedicated to your smartphone with Android and iOS (.ipa / .apk). Clash of Clans Cheat is of course free. I encourage you to draw down and share!


  • New version 6.2
  • Supported by: Mac OSX, Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 (Microsoft Framework 4.0 needed !)
  • Undetectable scripts included
  • Produced @ QuietHacking

  • Resources Adder
  • Gold Adder
  • Gems Adder
  • Elixir Adder
  • Shield
  • Double XP
  • Remove Ads


Clash of Clans cheats ipad

Clash of Clans cheats ipa



Download for PC :

Pc Download

Download for iOS(iPhone/iPad) :

ios Downalod

Download for Android :

apk Download



  • Download the application
  • Plug in your device to PC
  • Open Cheat Application
  • Set your options
  • Next step: press “Generate” button
  • Check that your device is connected
  • Press start
  • Close Application
  • Enjoy !